The state of Jammu and Kashmir is situated in a very important Geographical and strategically position in the center of the Asian continent. It has an area of more than 85 thousands squire miles with a population of 16 million the Muslims form 85% with 15% other minorities.
Relief Organization for Kashmiri Muslims (ROKM) was established in early 1990. At present the ROKM has two offices one in Islamabad the capital of Pakistan and the other Muzafarabad, the Capital of Azad Kashmir and its field network is spread all over the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Since the very first day of coming into being the ROKM has caring out its relief works in Jammu and Kashmir in affected families, refugee camps. It carries its projects for orphans, Students, Qurani Darsgah for Islamic education, Vocational training centers for women, Boring and water projects, constructions of Mosques, Medical Centers, Relief projects of Food packages, Winter projects, Relief for people of natural and manmade disasters.
The ROKM is continually donging efforts for the relief in collaboration with the donor’s, persons, NGO’s and charitable Originations of Gulf, Europe and America, etc.
But these modest services provided by the Relief Organization of Kashmiri Muslims do not cover even 5% of the relief work needed in Jammu and Kashmir. The relief works need to be millions of dollars, and this huge amount can only be provided in collaboration with the people, NGO’s and charitable organizations of the world.

Our Mission

Relief Organization for Kashmiri Muslims is working as an independent, non-governmental, non-profit and charitable organization. It works under its own Memorandum of Articles of Association and leadership. It has no affiliation with any regional or political organization in the world.

Relief Organization for Kashmiri Muslims is exclusively engaged and supports charitable activities and programs. It neither seeks political positions nor does supports it, it provides to any other organization at home or abroad it is purely for charitable purposes, particularly supporting education, health-care and other related relief services. Relief Organization for Kashmiri Muslims is dedicated to the services of humanity without any discrimination of creed, religion and political association.